Jewish NYT Responds to Criticism That It Isn't Fake Enough, Says It Will Be More Fake in Future

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How fake can it physically get though?


With the talk of uniting to end racism and racists, and whites being a terrorist threat, I think its worth reiterating that the CIA has spent the last two decades perfecting their techniques with thousands of assassinations including American citizens, and torturing those they don’t outright kill without trial, including Americans. The government already tortures and kills its own citizens it considers terrorists, and it is now applying the same label to us. This isn’t a game, and the potato in chief labeling us as suitable for assassination and torture is not something to be taken lightly. Everyone should be taking care to cover their tracks at this point. There is no question whether the government is willing to authorize killing and torturing citizens and we are being put on the killing floor.
Anglin I hope you’re on your toes. Being abroad especially, Trump has already put you unofficially on the kill list with these recent statements and we won’t know if he signs off on it formally until after the fact. I hope for your safety.



Yea solid plan for your failing rag,…double down with the lies.

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Whites as a group is about to be systematically targeted and individually picked off by the system. America is in a divorce type situation and has irreconcilable differences. For 50-60% of Whites, they are hopeless and aligned with the system White replacement/genocide. For the other, say 40%, they should be SERIOUSLY researching guerrilla warfare, because that’s the situation facing Whites under this system. There’s NO way around it. It’s the system or you. Unfortunately 90% of that 40%, the White minority won’t get hardcore until the system is at their door. You can’t WAIT for the gulags. If you’ve infiltrated the system’s lines, you’re essentially “parachuted into enemy territory” and must behave as a spy. What you can do is up to you and you’re skill level. Even if it’s gathering information to subvert system plans, that’s extremely useful. Right now and the near future. But until the system becomes tyrannical, which it 100% will, there will be no effective long-term counter-action by 40% of Whites. Not to black pill, but all revolutions are fought by 3-5% of the population, NOT the majority, who would sell their own children if the system wants it.

Yeah, this has been my assumption ever since I saw the sharp increase of degree of demonizing whites during the TEA Party days by the Obama admin. Obama and company were busy drafting the legal justification for targeted assassinations of American citizens on American soil (, and with even the most mild-mannered, middleclass cuckservatives out there peacefully protesting their out-of-control government getting smeared as white supremacists, it was plain as day (to me, at least) where it was all going.

While it certainly sounds like tinfoil hat melodrama, just keep in mind how much “tinfoil hat melodrama” has already come to pass. If they drone striked Anglin and weev tomorrow, would any normie bat an eye? Probably not. And after another year of ever-increasing “WNs are the real terrorists” inculcation, if they SWATted one of us who got doxxed and had our posts here exposed, would any normie bat an eye? Probably not.

As I like to tell people: We lost the Cold War. The (((same bastards))) who raped and pillaged the fallen USSR just came over here to rape and pillage us. And those (((same bastards))) had no problem sending political dissidents off to starve and freeze to death in the Gulags, if they didn’t just kill them en masse.

The perps have not changed; only their theater of operations did. This is no game.


It’s the same thing the Google Jews do with the pajeet they claim runs their company. Jews don’t want to directly take the heat, so they put up these colored people – who are above reproach, because of their coloredness – as frontmen.

Truer words have never been written … OBAMA, 2009-2016.

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What’s in your wallet?

lol @ a nigger running the Jew York Times now, even if just nominally. WTF were the Sulzbergers thinking? Jews aren’t normally this retarded. No wonder the “Gray Lady” has been acting like a dumb whore lately. She’s been turned out by her nigger pimp!

Anyway it’s obvious that Sulzberger needs to get back to minding the store, or his “paper of record” is going to go the way of all street whores-- dead way before its time.

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